Citizens to Save the Hospital

The Effort Continues to Save the John C. Fremont Hospital

John C. Fremont Hospital is facing closure in 2030 for failure to meet California’s strict seismic safety standards. When Measure N fell short of the two-thirds majority needed in the November 2020 General Election, the campaign committee reorganized to launch a Citizens Initiative to save the hospital.

The new Citizens to Save the Hospital committee has filed the Notice of Intention to Circulate Petitions paperwork with the County and is currently gathering signatures to pursue adopting a sales tax to fund building a new hospital with an approach that addresses three concerns voters had with Measure N:

  • adding a “sunset” to terminate the sales tax after 40 years
  • revising the Expenditure Plan to more clearly describe how the funds can be spent
  • adding an Accountability and Transparency section to require more rigorous accounting

If successful, this Citizens Initiative will provide these benefits to the residents of Mariposa County for generations to come:

  • Prevent our hospital and its emergency room from losing its license to operate in 2030 for failure to comply with California’s seismic safety standards
  • Ensure that our hospital and its emergency room can stay open and remain fully operational during any natural disaster, including a major earthquake, to provide essential medical care 24/7
  • Enable the expansion and/or enhancement of emergency and other medical care to treat more patients more quickly and more effectively
  • Replace outdated diagnostic and patient support equipment with modern, state-of-the-art technology
  • Expand and enhance the services being offered in both the Mariposa and Northside clinics
  • Make it easier for the Healthcare District to attract and retain the highly qualified medical professionals, including specialists, needed to better serve our community

If passed by a majority of voters, the project and its funding will be overseen in a public process by the Healthcare District’s Board of Directors, who are elected by and are responsible to the residents of Mariposa County. The Healthcare District has already engaged the services of an architectural firm and a construction company with extensive experience designing and building hospitals in California, but will need to secure funding before being able to finalize plans.

If this Citizens Initiative is unsuccessful, Mariposa County residents risk losing life-saving medical care for victims of accidents, heart attacks, strokes and other medical emergencies currently being provided by the county’s only 24/7 emergency room and air ambulance service.

How you can help:

  • Sign the petition. See the schedule for locations and times.
  • Learn more by reading the Frequently-Asked Questions and News.
  • Contact the committee to volunteer or ask a question.
  • Contribute to the Citizens to Save the Hospital committee to help fund the effort.